2021 Pre-Harvest Grain Marketing Perspective

Just because it's raining doesn't mean you'll crash. Just because it's sunny doesn't mean you won't.I don't know the exact mile market I might crash my car, but I know the conditions that favor an accident.I don't believe anyone can predict the future; I do believe I can tell you the weather.This, and this alone, … Continue reading 2021 Pre-Harvest Grain Marketing Perspective

Data Dump: Corn Averaging Contract Progress Update

Last week we crossed the mid-way point on the corn averaging contract.  Let's just agree that the average feels so much less than average this year.  Through the close of the market last Friday, June 19th, the DEC corn accumulated average is $3.42, and the SEP corn accumulated average is $3.32.  Unfortunately, the averaging program … Continue reading Data Dump: Corn Averaging Contract Progress Update